Frequently asked questions

+ How do you determine pricing?

Our pricing model is based on several factors.

  • single item shot
  • multiple item groupings
  • background selection
  • product type (hard goods, soft goods, clothing, jewelry)
  • total number of products shot

+ What is a “single item” product?

A single item is one product that is “one” element. However, if a single item product has multiple pieces or attachments that you request to be included in the same shot, this would be classified as a group shot. Also: If you have a product that you request to have a front and back view, for example, this would account for two shots.

+ How do you define multiple item “group shots”?

A “small group” is a 2-3 item composition and a “large group” is a 4-6 item composition. For larger group shots beyond 6 elements or items, please inquire. An example of a small group is a toy car, charger and battery all included in the same shot.

+ What kind of products do you shoot?

Our pricing model is based on several factors. We have experience with every type of product. If you can ship it to us, we can shoot it. No matter how complex your product is, we can find a solution.

+ What if my product(s) require assembly prior to shooting?

We allow for minor assembly and cleaning. If your product(s) require extensive assembly or major cleaning, we bill at $60/hr in 15 min. increments.

+ What rights do I have for usage of my photos?

Our usage is unlimited for you to use for whatever you wish. Our only requirement is that you can not resell the image(s) to any third party without our written permission. Usage rights are granted when final payment is made.

+ What are my options for a background?

We offer a simplified solution to the backgrounds or surfaces. The most common background is white with natural shadows. We also can shoot on white with a drop shadow added in post production or on a white under lit surface (no shadows). See example background options here.

+ Can I have a different background other than white?

If your product lends itself to having an outlined clipping path, we can replace the white with any color you wish. For a small charge, we can include the layered files for your webmaster or designer to assemble. Also, with a custom shoot we offer other backgrounds, propping or different surfaces. Just let us know what you have in mind, or send us a sample or examples.

+ What other charges do you have?

Some charges that might not be listed at the time of the quote would be:

  • any assembly, prep or cleaning not anticipated
  • added products or groupings from original quote
  • oversized or overweight items
  • major retouching beyond our usual free service
  • clipping path on layered tif (if requested)
  • return shipping charges (if not prepaid)

+ What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is usually 5-7 working days. This however can fluctuate depending on the quantities you have. If you have only a few items to photograph, we can shorten this time considerably. We can also expedite your order with RUSH charges if needed. Just let us know at the time you request a quote.

+ How do I ship my products to you?

You may use any of the major carriers FedEx, UPS, USPS or other private courier. We recommend that you pack your items carefully and also insure your parcel. Note: when selecting your items for photography, please be conscious of any small details like missing or broken parts, unclean samples, and crooked or mis-printed labels. We shoot a lot of samples and prototypes so we can also take care of most glitches in post production.

+ Where do I ship my product?

We have multiple shooting locations. After we determine the size and quantity of your product(s), we assign the studio that best suits your project and production schedule. The shipping address will be forwarded at the time of acceptance of our quote.

+ What is a shoot list?

A shoot list is a concise list of the products that you wish to have us photograph. It can be as simple as a description of what items are to be shot single or to be grouped. Key elements are:

  • item # or product name
  • grouping
  • special concerns or details to show
  • naming convention for your files

Please have an item # on each product so that we can correlate with your shoot list. If you choose, we can also name your files with your item # so there is consistency for e-commerce and tracking.

+ Can I specify how my products are arranged?

Absolutely, we encourage this. By including a description, drawing, or even a quick photo with your phone, we will understand how you wish your items are to be arranged. Please include any details that you require. If instructions as to placement, angle or groupings are not provided prior to shooting or at time of delivery, we will rely on our years of experience to arrange your items artistically.

+ Will you return my product(s)?

Yes, if you would like your products returned, please include a pre-paid return label at the time or your shipment. Or, we can bill you upon completion of the shoot.

+ Can I sit in on a shoot?

To keep our costs affordable, we generally do not have clients on set as we do not have a set time for the production of your order. If we have certain questions or concerns about how your products are shot, we will sometimes send a brief preview to you for approval prior to your products being shot. We do however schedule custom shoots where clients and creatives can be on set. Please see our Commercial Site.

+ What equipment do you use?

We utilize the latest in digital pro sensors from 22-40 mp, professional lighting equipment and a streamlined post production workflow. Being on the forefront of photo technology combined with our years of experience, we are committed to providing our clients with tomorrow’s solutions today.

+ What do you mean by "color optimized"?

All of our workstations are custom calibrated and use industry standard color profiles. In addition, we custom color balance all of our shots on set to ensure constancy across all of your images. Your final files are delivered with white and black points adjusted and ready for use.

+ What is the extent of "minor retouching"?

We include up to 10 min of retouching as part of our workflow. This involves removing any imperfections, spots or making minor tweaks to your image. If your product requires major retouching due to sample issues or being a prototype, we bill on an hourly fee.

+ What resolution are my photos?

We shoot at high resolution but generally deliver at file sizes optimized for web use. We output at standard sizes of 600px and 1,000px on the long side. These file sizes ensure that your products look sharp and most importantly load in a quick manner for your clients. Custom sizes and aspect ratios (ex. 1x1, 2x3 or any other) are available. Just let us know before we shoot.

+ Can I have a custom surface or props added in my photos?

Yes, but we generally only offer this for custom shoots. Just let us know the extent of what you would like, and we will gladly provide a quote.

+ How do I preview my images?

When your job is completed, we will email a sample watermarked file(s) or provide instructions and a link to preview your images via your web browser. These low resolution images are for preview purposes only. In some cases, we will provide a login and password with instructions on how to access your images on our server.

+ Why are the preview images "watermarked"?

When final payment is made, the larger and color optimized files without a watermark will be available for download.

+ What file size(s) are my images?

We output images in two file sizes: 600 and 1,000 px on the long side. But if you require custom sizes, we can accommodate that too.

+ What format are my final images?

Your files are delivered as sRGB jpgs as we have determined that most clients want web ready images. But, we can deliver in almost any file format (jpg. psd, png, tif). If you are unsure as to what file format you need, please ask us or consult your web designer.

+ How do I make payment?

Payment can be made with any major credit card through PayPal. We will provide payment instructions at the time your order is processed. If you prefer to pay by business check, we charge 50% up front. All orders over $500, require a 50% deposit. The final amount is due before we release your files.

+ How do I download my images?

After payment is received, your files are delivered via ftp or http protocol. We will either email your files (if they are just a few) or we will provide you a direct link to download via your browser.

+ Can I have a disk burned of my images?

We used to offer this as part of our standard workflow but since technology has “moved on”, so have we. Downloading of your files directly has become easier and more reliable plus there is one less piece of plastic going into a landfill somewhere. You always can burn a disc yourself after download.

+ Are my image files saved on your server?

As a convenience to our clients, we will make available your final files for download on our server for up to 1 year after completion. At this time, we do not offer any other long term server archiving.

+ What is your privacy policy?

Quite simply, we do not sell or share your information to anyone. We value you as a client and respect your privacy as much as we do ours. In addition, if you have a product that is sensitive in nature, we are happy to sign an NDA, as we have done for several clients. Also, if you do not want to have your product displayed on our website, we will respect your wishes.

+ How are our products returned to us?

Upon completion of payment, your products will be shipped back to you. We prefer that you include a return pre-paid shipping label at the time your items are packaged. If not, we can bill you at the time of final payment. We try to reuse your packing materials and original container, but sometimes we need to have items repacked. Also, there might be additional charges for handling large, heavy, or irregular packages.