Natural shadows


Natural shadows on white Background

This is probably the most common background type we photograph. It is perfect for e-comm sites for displaying your product in a clean and natural way.

We shoot on a white surface and light your product to accentuate any features that you require. Shadow size and opacity can vary depending on your product size, color, and material. Sometimes these shadows are very subtle, but they can help in having your product look naturally lit and blend with the pure white background.

No Shadows


No Shadows or Under-Lit on White Background

With this option, we photograph with normal top lighting and post edit out any shadows. In some cases, products are lit with an under light. This particular style is used when you want a very clean bright source of light coming from around, or below, your product.

This style sometimes doesn’t lend itself to all products as the color, surface, and opacity of your product may be washed out due to this method. An example would be a very shiny item or sheer fabrics.

Drop Shadow


Added Drop shadow on custom Background

This type is preferred for clients who wish to have their product images placed on a different background color other than white. In addition, this method is preferred in cases where you perhaps have similar items and wish to have a consistent shadow for each item.

We shoot on a white surface in our normal way, and in post production we meticulously outline your product to a separate layer and add a drop shadow. We can also replace the normal white background with another color choice.

If you are uncertain as to what type of background, or shadow vs. no shadow, will be most effective with your product, we can offer you guidance to fit within your page design.