Our Workflow

Please fill out our contact form for a quote. Describe your product and any details. Please include:

  • product category
  • background - shadow
  • grouping
  • total # of shots
  • product description
  • reference examples

We are happy to provide background recommendations and grouping suggestions. Feel free to include an example previously shot or reference a similar image from our samples.

After confirmation, carefully pack your products for delivery. Please include a shoot list.

  • choose products for delivery (note condition or any issues)
  • create a shoot list (items to be shot and/or groupings)
  • please specify as to placement or angle of product(s)
  • carefully pack contents and ship
  • include return shipping label (or we can bill for return shipping)
  • deposit required on orders over $500 prior to shooting

Once your products arrive we will inspect and confirm contents with your shoot list..

We use state of the art photographic equipment and utilize an expert crew to see that your order is processed efficiently and professionally.

  • expertly styled
  • professionally photographed
  • custom sizes for output
  • minor retouching included
  • color optimized
  • fast turnaround time

Additional charges may apply if your product requires cleaning or assembling, or if your item(s) are oversized or overweight. Please provide details at time of quote.

Once your products are shot, we will email you and in some cases provide you with a login to preview your final images.

  • direct email previews
  • gallery login (password protected)
  • confirm your order
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

These images are low resolution, watermarked images and are for preview purposes only.

After final images are confirmed and payment is received, we will provide a direct link to download your final optimized files.

  • make payment (credit card or check)
  • direct download (link from your browser)
  • 12 month archive on our servers
  • items shipped back to you.

Payment is based on the quote we provided, your selections made or any other applicable charges.